What to expect

When you choose me to guide you to wellness

Your first appointment

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to fill in a comprehensive health assessment form, do a diet diary and obtain the results from any recent medical tests. This means that your assessment appointment is dedicated to your health story and getting the detail into your areas of poor health and your health, family, social and enviromental history. The appointment will be 60 - 90 minutes. You will get some foundational treatment on the day, and some key goals for your diet and lifestyle to work on before your next appointment.


Your treatment plan

After your first appointment I collate your information and develop a treatment plan for you. Your social, environmental and personality aspects are also factored in so that your plan and assessment make sense to you and so that you can easily apply them to your life.  


Your follow up appointments

Your follow ups will be at 2-4 week intervals, this depends on your capacity for change and what the baseline state of health is. this will be discussed at the time of your treatment plan.

A treatment period can be anything from 8 weeks for simple issues to 6 months or longer  for more complicated ones. 

These appointments are 30 - 60 minutes and consist of reviewing how you are going with previous goals and reseting goals for the coming weeks. Your herbal formula will also be tweaked and any new supplements introduced.