What I do



I am a degree trained Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist (Bachelor of Natural Medicine) based on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand. My passion is helping people achieve real & lasting wellness though a personalised program of dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and the judicious use of quality nutritional supplements. I aim to  discover the root cause of your ailment/s and heal from there. 

My treatment plans are holistic and realistic. They are staged to make the adjustments required achievable. Helping you take many small easy steps toward health rather than one large difficult one. Regular follow ups allow me to coach you through these steps of change and to make any necessary alterations along the way.

My special interests are womens hormonal health, chronic health problems, mental health, autoimmunity and digestive health.

My approach in clinic is a blend between traditional constitutional herbalism, a modern science based phytochemical model of herbal medicine and naturopathic holistic (body-mind-soul-diet-lifestyle) treatments and coaching.  

My practice draws on a deep love of nature and also a massive desire to understand how things work, but most of all it is based on empathy and a life history that  has had its challenges such as addiction, sub-fertility, horrible hormones, plus four abdominal operations and the terrible gut and pelvic health that goes with that. The untimely death of both my brothers lead to years of depression and suppression. I tell you this to help you understand that I get it!

I get pain, I get what its like to have mental health issues, I get what it is to not be able to conceive and be a screaming banshee for the week before my period, I get what it is to not be able to eat anything without hideous pain. I also get that it is possible to come through it.  I want to help you though it too.