This picture was painted by my very talented Granny in a book she put together for me when I was very young! 

My parents gave me this incredibly botanical name and actually looking back I've always been into plants- My earliest memories and personal mythologies involve plants (or animals but thats a whole other story!) 

I remember, discussing with grandma, how dandelion was used as coffee during the war, a wee blond thing crouched over a lone dandelion on the gravel of the drive, wondering by what magic this green thing is turned into the murky black stuff my mother drinks.

Picking rosehips from the hedgerows that line the wheat fields near our house in Devon, with brothers and mother. Watching mum turn them into a bright red syrup and then watching as my toddler brother pulls it out of the fridge onto the cobblestone floor of the converted barn we called home. I was so outraged!

The bluebell woods near our home, a dream place for a 5 year old with a head full of fairy tale romance!  A place that fitted so purely into the world of witches, princesses and fairies, where I mixed potions out of bluebells and moss, made huts of sticks and leaves and most of all swung on the swing my dad tied to a huge oak tree. 

And the earliest memory, mum thinks around 18 months from my description, but she has no knowledge of it so it may be a dream! Hiding in the poppies, which had self-sown in the veggie garden from the poppyseed on our bread, talking with a large dog, a German Shepherd I think.

Our arrival in New Zealand; all my sadness and grief toward leaving my father in England, lumped upon the poor taupata bush that surrounded our Paekakariki home and with such passion - it was the symbol for my loss and I really disliked everything about it! My mother has for years been writing a book in her head called Marigold Bush and the Taupata Wars!



Fast forward 40 odd years through life as an artist, chef and health store manager, gardening and developing my passion for medicinal herbs in my spare time, I have finally arrived at this place;

Using plants to heal.