Hello & Welcome!

I'm Daisy Wood, I'm a clinical herbalist and naturopath.

If you have found your way here you are probably feeling in some way unwell.

Maybe you are hormonal frazzled and exhausted? The doctor says nothing is wrong but really, you just don't feel right.

Maybe you have hit the dreaded 40 and nothing is the same and your cycle, well that’s just weird! and frankly worrying!

Maybe you can't sleep or have weight that just won't budge?

Maybe you have infections that won't get better or keep coming back or tummy troubles that mean eating is not a joy any more? 

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as an autoimmune disease or diabetes and want help learning to better manage your symptoms?

Or maybe you are simply confused about what you should eat? I mean really there is so much contradiction in the media about what healthy is!


I offer a free discovery session - 10 minutes on the phone so you can sound me out, no pressure, I  want you to feel that I am the right fit for you! Or if you want to you can jump straight in and book your assessment appointment. In either case hit the book now and you can book in one easy step!

Join my Facebook community for women approaching the perimenopause: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefirstflush/  


Find out what your state of health is with the State of Health quiz 


I am a degree qualified naturopath (BNatmed) and for your safety and assurance I am a member of the professional bodies New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists and Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand. With the later, Southern Cross members can claim on their insurance for consultation costs.